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Menu Plan Monday ~ 6/11/12


I’m a newbie at menu planning – and planning really isn’t “my thing” BUT…I’m thinking / hoping / praying this might help with my weight-loss journey by having things already planned. So…here it goes! (Yes, you will notice that what I’m eating isn’t all boring…a big part of my current weight-loss journey is to reduce portion size, while still eating regular food. I also have *MEN* in my life who want *FOOD*.)

*** NOTE *** I didn’t have my “supplies needed” list when I was near the store yesterday AND I decided to make Tuesdays supper last nite so…as a newbie menu planner I have FAILED already! *grin* However, this menu plan took me too long to prepare so I am posting it anyway! We’ll see how the week pans out..

For now I am only going to do breakfast and supper, lunch will be “whatever” (sandwiches, leftovers…whatever *grin*).

Breakfast: Chocolate Chip Scones (p. 210 in 400 Calorie Fix)
Supper: Crock Pot Parmesan Chicken

Breakfast: Apple Muffins
Supper: Mini Meatball Sandwiches

Breakfast: Bacon Cheddar BiscuitsĀ 
Supper: my MIL provides before meeting – YAY!

Breakfast: Breakfast Cookies
Supper: Chicken & Dumpling Casserole

Breakfast: Cornmeal PancakesĀ (p. 219 in 400 Calorie Fix)
Supper: Crock Pot Five Cheese Lasagna

Breakfast: French Breakfast Puffs
Supper: Zucchini Pizza

Breakfast: Egg Burritos
Supper: Steak Stuffed Twice Baked Potatoes

To see what others have planned, hop over to I’m an Organizing Junkie.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!

2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday ~ 6/11/12

  1. April @ Angel's Homestead

    What a yummy week you have planned. Don’t stress over not sticking to your menu to the tee. I switch my menu days around sometimes to, but whatever day I skip always gets made that week eventually. That’s the beauty of a menu, it can be flexible if need be.

    Good luck on your weight loss journey. : )

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