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His Green Thumb, Her Black Thumb

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As someone who has a black thumb (meaning I kill plants just thinking abou them) it’s hard to imagine I am writing about gardening.  :)  However, it will make sense soon enough. 

Our family loves fresh fruits and veggies therefore it only makes sense that we would have a garden.  However, we have figured out a “plan of attack”  that works around my black thumb.  *wink*

Our garden is approximately 10′ x 20′.  This is a picture of our garden last year…


I get the pleasure of tilling it – which truly is a pleasure for me.  We have a really old tiller – which for me adds to “the mood” of tilling.  For me, this is probably as close to “horse and plow” as I’ll ever see.  *grin*  I do love the smell of the turned up earth and the coolness of it on my feet.  For me, it is worth the soreness I will feel the next day.  :)

I do not touch the seeds.  I do not water the plants.  I do not look at, touch, or even think about touching any of the plants - until they are ready to be picked.  My dh and sons enjoy the planting, watering and growing process – they let me know when it is safe to go outside again.  LOL  (Not really, just went it is safe to go near the garden. hee hee)  When picking time comes, we all enjoy participating.  Seeing the fresh items – with their vibrant colors – is just such a wonderful reminder of the Lord and His provision – and His desire to bring us pleasure thru amazingly beautiful and healthy items such as these.

Truthfully, our garden is my dh “baby”.  He loves the planning, the planting, the growing, the picking, the cooking and the eating!  He and his mother (who has a HUGE garden) work together to get the seeds we need.  We usually plant tomatoes, green beans and squash (in several varieties).  I have acid reflux really bad so there is a lot I can’t eat / we choose to not plant. 

I’m not sure what dh is planning on planting this year (doesn’t really matter as I know they will pick wonderful items – and remember my black thumb! – Yep, I was serious!).

As a “side note” ds14 did mention he’d like to do a butterfly garden this year – I think that would be very neat / beautiful – so we’ll see how that goes.

Do you garden?  If so, have any “gardening secrets” you’d like to share?  What do you put in your garden?

Have a wonderfully blessed day!

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