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Fit Mommy Friday ~ 10/29/10

This post is linked to Fit Mommy Friday over at Got Chai?

Here is my update for the last week (well, actually, the first week – since we just started…ha ha ha):

Monday:  We took a 30 minute walk, I had only one dessert, I drank my 4 glasses of water
Tuesday:  We walked for 45 minutes at the mall and the stores  :) , I had NO dessert (whoa! wow!  really?!?!?!), I drank my 4 glasses of water
Wednesday:  We took a 40 minute walk, I had only one dessert, I did NOT drink all my glasses of water
Thursday:  We did NOT walk, I had only one dessert, I did NOT drink my 4 glasses of water
Friday: That’s today…dunno yet, guess this will get posted next week  :)

I am looking forward to checking up on all the other amazing ladies that have agreed to this challenge.  If you would like to cheer them on as well, simply click on the button at the top of this post.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!

4 thoughts on “Fit Mommy Friday ~ 10/29/10

  1. Simple Mama

    Hey, great work on the walking! Was it around your neighborhood or somewhere else? I walk “with” Leslie Sansone on DVDs in my livingroom! lol :) Have a great day!


  2. Briana

    You did really well on giving up the desserts! Good job on getting some good exercise in. I love going out for a walk even though I usually have to make myself, it is nice to get away from the house and work.

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