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A Day in the Life of Homeschooling Boys

I thought I would take a couple minutes to share our typical (HA!), average (NEVER!) homeschooling day with you. Obviously from my previous statement, we do not have an average, typical day around here…sorry to burst your bubble…but we don’t do schedules (although I have been tossing the idea around…just not sure how to get it to “stick”…but now that I’m not working from home…it might actually be successful…anyway, I digress…).

Our “normal day” consists of me waking up before everyone else, spending some time with the Lord (and my coffee!). Hubby and the boys waking up and watching a cartoon movie while I make breakfast. We then eat breakfast and watch a little more of a movie…and then we get started…about 9am.

Since I only have two boys – one that is “in 10th Grade” and one that is doing PreK / K work – MY school day, overall, is pretty simple. The oldest (“J”) does most of his own and “P” (the youngest) works so fast that our lessons only take about 10 minutes.

J normally sits at the kitchen table to do his work…


…and P sits at his table (on the right below) to do his lessons.


Right now, J is in Drivers Ed at the local High School so he is there for about an hour every morning. Then he returns home and messes around (for far too long) and finally gets back to his work after lunch. But, in my opinion, if he chooses to do his work later in the day / into the evening…that is his choice…as long as it gets done. That’s my thought anyway – and isn’t that part of the fun of homeschooling??? In a couple of weeks, we will be adding group Biology labs and group PE classes (Biology and PE will alternate weeks) along with private guitar lessons. So…life (aka school, because isn’t LIFE really school?) keeps us hopping.

One thing I truly believe in is following their lead. I want schooling to be enjoyable so if it appears it would be better for us to work later in the day, we’ll work later in the day. If it’s a beautiful day outside, we may start later and go outside to enjoy the weather before the afternoon heat.


We kind of “go with the flow” and the work gets done when it gets done. This seems to work for us and our homeschooling style. Do you homeschool? If so, I would be interested in hearing about YOUR “Day in the Life…”.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!

5 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Homeschooling Boys

  1. Blossom

    It was nice to see how your day goes, Dawn :) Thanks for sharing!
    We have to have a schedule at our house or nothing would ever get done. No joke! My dd, who is also in 10th grade, suggested unschooling, and it possibly could work for her but my ds would count Legos as every subject. I mean, really, how do you count Legos as Home Ec or PE or much else? I could go with History, Language Arts, and maybe Geography if he were really creative ;)
    Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hi!
    Blossom recently posted..Homeschool Mother’s Journal- Week of 8/19/12My Profile

  2. Stephanie @ Harrington Harmonies

    I really wish that I could homeschool with such ease:) Your homeschool day sounds lovely and I enjoyed reading about it…I have boys too. I wish I could have that type of approach, but I know I would get nothing, and I mean..nothing done, lol. My “block” schedule really keeps the day moving along with out being totally stuck on times or being constantly overwhelmed, so it is a good compromise for a mom who would love to have a open ended approach who has kids that just have always needed the structure.

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  4. Lisa

    I’m Lisa nice to see your site. I have a 10th grade boy and this is the first year we are using all different venues for his subjects. I also want to make his schooling interesting because he is an only child and we live in a remote area. Thank you for sharing your style of HS. I’m with you “as long as it gets done” :)

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